Albert Bierstadt

Albert Bierstadt Mountain Out of The Mist

Albert Bierstadt Mountain Out of The Mist

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Genuine hand-painted reproduction of Albert Bierstadt's famous paintings - oil on canvas.

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Bierstadt paintings are famous worldwide and can be located at almost all the important museums and art galleries in USA. Bierstadt's famous paintings in the landscape art flourished greatly in the 19th century and became the centre of attention many times due to the rich presence of reality and nature in their formation. The number of Bierstadt’s paintings in the nineteenth century can be estimated at almost 4000 pieces in compact form.

Bierstadt’s work of arts not only received critical acclaim in America but also in many different parts of the world such as Germany and France as well as the whole of Europe. There was a certain level of household element in Bierstadt’s arts which is still loved by modern artists and art lovers.

The most notable works by Bierstadt include Gosnold at Cuttyhunk, Storm in the Rocky Mountains, Alaskan Coast Range, Looking Down Yosemite Valley, San Francisco Bay, Lander's Peak, Passing Storm over the Sierra Nevadas and Indian Canoe. Aside from these major productions from Bierstadt, there are many other incredible art works which gained popularity even in the present era.

The most important factor in Bierstadt’s paintings was the inclusion of natural landscaping designs which were always made real through the presence of an extremely creative use of colors and brush strokes. This is a technique which is still loved and endorsed by major artists and scholars.

The North American landscapes have been the key element in his artworks. This is an element which is now studied as an academic principle to know more about the creative artwork designs in landscaping. Bierstadt’s drawings have influenced the American society in many ways. Many of his fans tried to reproduce his artworks and paintings in their own specific ways which gave a great variation and flexibility in the modern art designs.