Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol Michael Jackson Pop Art

Andy Warhol Michael Jackson Pop Art

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Genuine hand-painted reproduction of Andy Warhol's famous paintings - oil on canvas.

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Andy Warhol was an American artist born in Pennsylvania in the year 1928. He was one of the most prominent and known individuals in the visual art movement (also known as pop art). Warhol converted away from the blotted-line strategy and decided to use paint and fabric. He started to exhibit his work in the year 1950.

The 1960’s are considered to be most victorious and flourishing years in Andy’s life as he held various exhibitions in different cities of America like California, New York etc. His first exhibition was in the year 1962 at Ferus Gallery of Los Angeles; his works survey the association between artistic expression and culture of celebrity. Later, he exhibited work on 100 COKE bottles, Marilyn Monroe, 100 Dollar Bills etc.

Warhol became a very flourishing professional artist in short span of time. His specific and stylish sketches for I. Burns footwear were particularly well-known. They comprised mainly of "blotted ink" sketches, an approach which he used in much of his beginning art. Although many performers of this era worked in commercial or professional art, most did so prudently. Warhol was so effective, that his work forced others to take him seriously as a professional artist.

Andrew Warhol is recognized for his re-appropriation of traditional professional advertising and increasing them into the world of excellent art. His preliminary concept seemed outrageous, but it evidently found its audience; Warhol's Campbell Broth sequence erupted onto the New York making the art world both surprised and interested.

However, Warhol found that he couldn't make his artwork fast enough on canvas. He found the procedure of silk screening in the year 1962. This strategy uses a specifically ready area of silk as a stencil, enabling one silk-screen to make identical styles many times. He instantly started making artwork of superstars, such as a large selection of artwork of Marilyn Monroe, Mick Jagger, and Queen Elizabeth. Warhol adopted this design and style for the rest of his artistic work he did in his life.

Warhol's artwork can really create one think about what the goals and priorities of humankind are. The elements that we put so much significance on are so short lived and when they are created bigger than lifestyle on a canvas, they force us to look at our death which each individual has to face some day. Many of Warhol's performs were in a way linked very intensely to our beliefs. It is difficult to create a powerful psychological relationship by basically learning a Warhol artwork. Only those that already have a preconditioned psychological tie with his artwork can experience anything from them.

He created use of silver foliage in the custom of legendary artwork of Byzantine Catholics. In Gold Marilyn Monroe represents her legendary position, the praise of her followers and the actual solitude of her lifestyle. Her experience is colored as if she were in newspaper advertising, another toss away in our lifestyle. His magnificent acrylic paintings are a concept of sentiment and feeling combined in color and adoringly taken permanently on top excellent canvas.