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Traditional Classic Pattern Modern Contemporary Thai Art Framed

Traditional Classic Pattern Modern Contemporary Thai Art Framed

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Looking into the Different Asian arts

Each country and region has its own culture which can be represented by its art. There're lots of countries that come under Asia and their art forms have rued the world for centuries. On the top of the list is China, India, Japan, Arab, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea and Vietnam. These countries have a rich background and history of promoting Asian art.

Along with being unique in their own way, each branch of Asian art has a similarity with the others. In Asian Art we see a lot of symbolic interpretations and dragons as well. Asian art is fast being recognized and appreciated in the west as well.

The earliest existent works are from Buddhism art that were done in the Indian region. These followed the life of Gautama from 6 BC till 5 BC. The universe is used in meditation is represented by Mandala. This was symbolic in the early works f Buddhism art.

The Chinese Asian art has a very long history. Archeologists have fund articles as old as 5000 years and more. This period gave birth to the ceramics, and silks. This was the Bronze Age. Then came the Chou Dynasty that represented the use of jade and clay. It was also around this tie that writing evolved. From the 14th century till the 17th century, the Forbidden City was built. This was a huge palace built in China and served as a residence for emperors. Then from the 17th century onwards, we see that the Chinese arts started to create objects on a commercial basis so that they could export to Europe.

Japanese Art started evolving when it got divided from the Asian mainland till the last part of the Ice Age. From 11000 to 300 BC marks the Joman period that saw the making of clay pots and objects. The second period was the Yayoi period marked from 300 BC to 300 AD. This period was influenced by bronze weapons and figures. There were a lot of tombs built in the Kofun period which is marked from 300 AD till 552. These tombs had beautiful art works on them. Japanese calligraphy and writing was introduced in the Heian period witnessed from 794 to 1185. More modernly, wooden block prints and decorative arts were introduced into the Japanese art.

The global market has a great eye for Asian art, specially Chinese and Indian art. Every year, art work worth millions are sold and bought at international auctions and exhibitions. There are many great Asian artists, living or dead, that are appreciated worldwide. Yoko Ono is a Japanese artist that has contributed a lot to the Asian art by her collages, performances and art books. Then, Zhang Xiaogang is a well known Chinese artist who has drawn great portraits to represent China’s Cultural Revolution time.

Asian people have migrated all around the world but still love to decorate their homes with their country’s art to stay true to their roots. It provides them a homely sense.