August Macke

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August Macke was born in the 19th century on January 3, 1887. He belonged to the leading Expressionist group of Germany, Der Blaue Reiter, which meant the blue rider. A lucky part for Macke was that his birth was at a time when German art was at full bloom. At this time, the Expressionist movements were developing and also the Avant Garde movements were taking shape all around the European area.

Macke was a great and true artist of his time. He was very much impressed with the Avant Garde movement and very skillfully integrated it into his work. The first time his eyes caught the attention of the work of Impressionists was in 1907 when he went to Berlin and worked at the Lovis Corinth’s Studio.

In Macke’s initial paintings, his style was inclined towards Impressionists. After a while we see that he has added the elements of Cubism and futurism in his paintings. In 1912, Macke met Robert Delaunay in Paris. This was the turning point for Macke’s paintings. It was under the influence of Robert that Macke’s style shifted towards more clarification and simplification of shapes, forms, and figures.

His paintings were always full of color and life. He had painted portraits, landscapes, still life, wild life and also real life. His collections of paintings have been very popular among art lovers. His most famous paintings include A Garden, A stroll on the bridge, Our Street in Gray and also Children with Goat. By the names of these few paintings by Macke, we see that Macke emphasized on real life and simple things. Simple things that the eye or mind tends to skip due to being too simple.

In his painting, A Garden, the style we see is again Impressionism and Post impressionism. He has set a landscape scene which is very modern as compared to the time at which it was made. It uses Impressionist techniques with little use of textures as well. The colors and shades of green of the garden are very natural and soothing to the eye. This makes it a very good choice for decoration in the living room of your home. It livens up the room and gives a sense of freshness. Replicas of A Garden have been produced and are in demand for many years.

Then there is another famous painting of Macke named Landscape at the Tegersee. Here we see a slightly different style that is Naïve. The subjects here are still Modern landscape and the technique is also Impressionists with texture. This piece of art is also a very suitable picture for home décor as it depicts calmness, and simplicity. It shows the colors of life and the different shades of earth. His strokes are broad but clean.

August Macke has a long list of notable paintings that art lovers appreciate. Although he did not live a very long life, his work will live on forever in the homes of its lovers.