Camille Pissarro

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Camille Pissarro was a 19th century French painter who was a follower of the Impressionism and Neo-Impressionism movements. A group of artists came together in the cultural climate of Paris to begin a movement which will mark the transition between the old and the modern times. Pissarro's work was influenced by Gustave Courbet and Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot.

Early Paintings
Pissarro was encouraged by Danish artist Fritz Melbye to pursue his interest in painting. In the beginning, he used to paint just about everything like landscapes, village scenery, people and the animals. These paintings followed the tradition of the time but Pissarro being a revolutionary person, wanted to change his style. He found the mentoring he required in the form of Corot.

Painting the outdoor settings
Corot and Pissarro shared a mutual interest when it came to painting the great outdoors. As a result, Pissarro shifted to painting nature and transferring its beauty on the canvas. He used to leave the city to visit the countryside so that he could capture the rural scenery in its true essence. France provided him with plenty of opportunity as it had a beautiful countryside and a solid agricultural base with peasants working in the fields and doing their daily chores. Pissarro's paintings depict his affection and love for the natural scenery.

Painting Styles and Subjects
Pissarro's paintings stand out because they rejected the traditional techniques and styles being followed by other artists of his time. He was against the depiction of artificial things and grandeur in his paintings. He used a green or blonde tone in his paintings. As a result some of his paintings show trees as violet and the sky the colour of butter.

Camille Pissarro had to move to London when war broke out between France and Germany. His subjects of painting became the effects of fog, snow and springtime on the suburbs.

Two Women Chatting by the Sea
"Two Women Chatting by the Sea" is an early painting of Pissarro in which he shows two women who are standing by the sea and talking to each other. One of the women is holding something to shield her head. This painting most probably shows a beach of the Danish West Indies as the women are painted as black which shows that they are probably slaves. There are some other people in the background of the picture. This painting has the trademark of Pissarro as the colour tone is dull. The sky has a tinge of orange colour and the grass is depicted as brown.

Haying at Eragny
Haying at Eragny(1889) is one of the later paintings of Pissarro. It shows a number of women working in the fields and carrying out their duty diligently. It is a classical painting by Pissarro as it has all the components which make him stand out, beautiful countryside and people working about.

Camille Pissarro was a true naturalist. His paintings depict the beauty of nature and give us a reason why we should love it. He was a revolutionary painter and his work can add the missing link between the old and modern to your homes.