Charles M. Russell

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Charles Marion Russell is a 20th century American artist whose paintings depict the Wild Wild West of America. They show cowboys, Native Americans and the scenery of Western America.

Early Paintings
His early drawings were sketches of the Wild West as he had a profound interest in it. He used to paint the fur traders and explorers who came in and went out of town. He also had interest in making clay figures so he became a sculptor in the future. During his early days, he worked at a ranch so he used to sketch the animals at the ranch and various sceneries involving the animals.

Style and Subject of Russell's Paintings
Charles Marion Russell's paintings are influenced by Red Indians, cowboys and the Wild West landscape. The environment in which he was brought up shaped his style and the subjects he chose to paint about. He spent a considerable amount of time with the Blackfoot Red Indians that's why he has painted many drawings of them. He graced the subject of everyday life and women with his brush too.

Russell carefully rendered the figures in his paintings so that they stood out against the backdrop. He handled light and colour in a very subtle way. Russell had a talent when it came to drawing fictional drawings. He has dealt the subject matter in a subjective manner. Russell has a unique style and dynamic action.

Indian Women Moving
This painting shows a group of Blackfeet Indian women moving camp. Some of the horses have got articles which decorated the tents on them and some of the horses have got the tent's parts loaded on to them like the cow hide and tippi poles. A dog is shown in the painting. The Blackfoot people used these dogs as guards during the night. They were against the eating of dog meat. This painting gives a useful insight into the lives of Native Americans especially their accommodation.

A Desperate Stand
This painting was drawn in 1896 and it shows the discovery of gold in Montana. This resulted in displacement of the Sioux clan into Crow and Blackfoot territory which were their sworn enemies.As a result, the Indians started attacking the settlers. This painting shows the settlers fighting off one such attack by the Indians. The settlers are in a bad shape and are surrounded by Blackfeet men. Both sides have suffered losses. The settlers are using their fallen horses for defensive cover which depicts their desperate situation. Most of the Blackfoot raiding party is alive and they are shown circling in the distance, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

Charles Marion Russell introduces us to the rich and long lost culture of the Native Americans through his paintings. No one else can depict the Indian lifestyle better than him because he had lived amongst them. The paintings of Russell can add cultural value to our homes. His paintings also teach us important lessons of courage and determination of Native American people so it is a good thought to have such a painting hanging in your house.