Claude Monet

Claude Monet San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight Painting

Claude Monet San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight Painting

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Genuine hand-painted reproduction of Claude Monet's famous paintings - oil on canvas.

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Claude Monet was a French painter and is considered to be the founder of “Impressionist paintings”. This type of painting has short and light brush strokes used free handedly depicting pictorial effects. The change of light intensity is common characteristic of such paintings. This particular technique didn’t turn out to be popular at start and was criticized but at last got approval as it focused on nature and freshness of environment.

One of the most famous Monet's paintings is a “Water Lilies” series which consist of approximately 250 oil paintings. The paintings depict Monet's flower garden at Giverny and were the main focus of Monet's artistic production during the last thirty years of his life.

Claude Monet going against established methods of studio painting, Monet, and the group which saw him as its’ intellectual leader, sought their themes out of doors and developed a brilliantly visual style of painting in natural light. Monet was the most consistent and prolific practitioner of the movement's philosophy of expressing one's perceptions before nature, especially as applied to plein-air landscape painting. Claude Monet died at Giverny in 1926.

Monet’s Painting Style
If we talk about specific color scheme used by Monet, it was dark at the beginning of his career and subtle and light afterwards.

Black color is not visible in impressionists’paintings. They even didn’t use it in depicting shadows. The appearance of this color was due to mixture of purple, green or blue.He played with brushes and colors making canvas lively. Light, shadow, water, season, nature is prominent in his work. He loved to paint outdoors. You may feel that his paintings are blurring, yet have a complete feeling. He didn’t use lines, boundaries in his painting.

Monet developed cataracts of both eyes at the age of 68 but this disease couldn’t stop him from painting. In this eye disease one cannot see clearly. Image gets blur and colors cannot be identified. He used it as his strength and kept on creating master pieces. The evidence of cataract can be seen in his paintings made in Venice in 1908.Blue disappeared and yellow, red took prominence. “Weeping Willows”,” Water lilies” ,”The Water lily pond” and” The Japanese Bridge” were painted after this eye problem.Afterwards, he got his eyes operated.

Monet’s Famous Art Pieces
He was famous for painting series of objects that was started by him in 1890s. He painted series in different timings of day having change in light and shades of color. Being nature lover, Monet got an inspiration from his garden of his two acre home. He created his best work there like “Haystack”. It was also a paintings’ series in which Haystack is painted at different day timings having beautiful light impressions.

The other great art piece was painted by him in 1893, Impression, Sunrise. It depicted vibrant colors, sharp images. His important projects were also painted in Venice (Italy) and London.

He died at age of 86.He was undoubtedly an artist who brought life to his paintings. His works are so much appreciated that they cannot be forgotten. They are being reproduced in the form of posters, cards and calendars etc.

There are followers of Monet who try to copy his work style and his paintings been taught in art classes to students.

Art lovers with an acceptance for natural beauty will go for Monet’s paintings. Any of his painting can be marvelous addition to your home décor items. His famous art work is worth buying and will completely decorate your room. The way he painted nature will bring life to your walls. The changes in shades and colors will also attract the family members and friends and they will appreciate your choice.