Country Paintings

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Genuine Handmade Country Paintings for Sale

Enjoy country wall decor paintings to complete the "Country Chic" look in your lovely home. All our country arts are 100% handmade, carefully crafted by master artists on high quality canvas. Choose your most favorite one, order online with us and receive up to 70% discount today!

Keeping the Country Art Alive
Many artists are inspired by different and unique things. Some are inspired by the childhood memories and some work shows their future. A lot of artists have spent their childhood in rural areas and country side. Therefore it shows in their work. Country art is the branch of art that has been inspired by the simplicity and delicacy of the rural areas. It is free from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is pure and transparent.

There are some very basic objects and things that come to mind when you hear country side. Those are the same things that country art painters project in their paintings. In most country art, you will find farms, animals, herbs, gardens, crafts, sceneries, and country side transportation. These are the few basic categories that country art possesses.

The most prominent thing in country art that we notice is the simple meanings. They show the small things that matter to the families of the rural areas. Country art may show families having a fun dinner in the simple candle lit home, or children tending to livestock, etc. country art also has great collections of sceneries like White Mountains, forests, lakes, etc.

The people who have lived all their life in the city are very inspired by country art. They love decorating their homes with country side pictures. There are a few reasons for doing this. It reminds them of the simplicity of life and how it should revolve around money and other materialistic things. They provide a sense of relaxation and soothing feeling to the home.

People often get the idea that country art is set in some other century and that if relates to older generations. This is not true. The countryside is any areas that have not been as developed as we know as a city. There are no bridges or superstores. But still people live there and lead a very happy, healthy and successful life. The happiness is what shows from the artist’s work in country art.

Country art is not limited to paintings of the countryside. Rather, we see that many women and young girls are inspired by the crafts of the rural areas as well. Making baskets, spinning yarn and thatching are all country art examples that are becoming popular among people. These are the things that represent the countryside. The sense and satisfaction of all things being homemade and self made is incomparable to anything.

Country art is a very delicate art style and it should be cherished. It does seem that it is getting lost in the contemporary and modern styles of art. But many artists are working dutifully to keep the country art alive and to keep the love of the country side living in the hearts of all people.

Country art paintings are great to decorate in your homes. They relax you and provide your home fresh scenery. They are bright and colorful and can easily cheer your mood up after a tough day being stuck in the traffic.