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Auguste Renoir Dance in the Country Painting

Auguste Renoir Dance in the Country Painting

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Handmade Dancer oil paintings for sale

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Using Dancer Paintings to Enliven Your House

Dance has always been one of the most preferred ways of expressing feelings; no matter if you live in the highly civilized lands of Europe, the sandy peaks of Arabia or beaches of Malaya. For this reason, dance is a part of every civilization, race and society. The inherent attraction of dance in man has made many home designers to bring its expression into décor by having dancer paintings around the house. The expressions on the face of the dancers, the postures they are painted in and the hues used to represent the colors all tell a story which the art lovers love to keep guessing while giving your house a rich lively feeling.

Using dancer paintings may seem culturally rich and intriguing, however like everything else, the interior of the house and the painting should correlate with each other to show a soothing balance of the two. In addition to this, the painting you choose and the way you place it and the mood it sets in the area where it is placed shows your choices and tastes. This is the reason choosing the right painting is as important as the house its self.

However, there is one thing that every homemaker needs to focus while getting dancer paintings for their home and that is the mood. A painting is not just an image of a dancer performing her or his talent; it also shows the entire thought of the painter, the feelings of the dancer through their body posture. This is what makes it a true piece of art. If you have a painting in dull colors, and the dancer is shown in a still position, the mood this picture is going to set is gloomy and sad. The opposite goes for the one that is painted in rich and lively colors.

Decorating the living room with dancer paintings is a good way to beautify your house. The one suggestion that always works the best in the living room of the house is the painting showing classic Indian dance. The touch and the elegance of such a painting will show a traditional yet sophistication of the taste of the homeowner. The Indian dance is known worldwide for its luring charm, intriguing melodies and mesmerizing tunes and the feel of this artwork in your house will let your guests know that you cherish the sweetness of music with a light heart. Impressive indeed!

Decorating a place that is lodged by young people may seem a little tricky and it sure is. The property should radiate the energy with a touch of sophistication channeled through images and finding such an image requires a clever insight into the lives of the youth. Try using paintings depicting rap or street dance around the house.

Be sure that you do not over do the painting around the house. Having one or two around the house is enough. It ensures that you are not trying to fill the space but are a true admirer of performing art.