Edgar Degas

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Edgar Degas is one of the most famous French artists who lived in Paris from 1834 to 1917, and is regarded as one of the founders of Impressionism although he’s never accepted it. His painting subjects are vary, such as landscapes, the horse race scenes, opera, theatre, coffee shop, pictures of dancers, or women washing and ironing – the variety of everyday life is what fascinated Edgar Degas.

Edgar Degas was French and belonged to a well off family. He was born in 1834 in Paris with a great fortune. Known to be a versatile artist, he was a painter as well as a sculptor. Variation was his specialty. He tried pencil sketching, drawing, photography, oil painting, engraving and pastels.

He favored Impressionist Movement and is considered to be one of its founders. He focused on theatre scenes, artificial light instead of natural, dancing ballerinas. His oil paintings are very famous and found in museum and homes of his art lovers. He was inclined towards oil painting at his youth but in mature age he mostly used pastels.

Degas’s Work Style
Edgar Degas did not cling to due to shadowy or sketchy drawings like many other impressionists. His main concern was to seize a situation or a moment, an interest which is also probably due to his admiration for photography which at that time was still in its infancy. His female nudes and portrait paintings are considered to be among the finest in the history of art.

Impasto is a technique where thick brush strokes are applied with prominent layers of paint that looks like impression is raised from the base. Self Portrait is a clear example of Impasto.

Hatching is another favorite technique of Degas in which he used to draw long, wavy lines where colors are alternating, yet giving whole image lots of energy and life. Cross hatching is a bit different as the prominent lines are over lapped by straight lines. He worked on making sharp angles soft by mixing wet and dry pastels or using water colors to such straight images.His paintings sometimes show the influence of Japanese artists as well.

Pastel Paintings and Ballerina Dancers
He started preferring pastels over oil paintings after his eye sight problem in 1880s. Using pastels Degas painted women without clothes having bath. The images depicted a female figure without concentrating on details. A Ballerina dancers were his favorite to paint. Almost 600 of his works are about stage dancers and from theatre.”The Singer in Green” and” Three Dancers in Voilettutues” are an example of his work on his favorite subject. Degas combined various mediums to create exclusive pieces of art.

He enjoyed making sculptors as well. He created many of them and medium was wax or bronze. He brought his statues to public only once in his life time. He had a passion for sculpting so kept on working almost five years before his death.

If you are interested in buying Degas’s work and decorating your home with it, go for the original one. He had the habit of signing his work at the left and rights both corners. Love for performing art is clear in his paintings so the admirers of same field will like his work. His paintings have indoor settings, cafes and operasetc. His focus was on human figures and moving people rather than landscaping like other fellows of his era.

You can take advice from an expert before taking any of Degas’s pieces to home. He may check that comes with that painting that will prove its originality. Such professionals work for museums. Degas’s paintings have an impressionist’s style. Another point is that Degas used specific colors that can be tested by a laboratory test to prove it the real one.

Degas was a prominent artist who promoted realism and became successful in a very short period of time. We should appreciate his art work.