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The Dance of Life Edvard Munch Oil Painting Reproduction

The Dance of Life Edvard Munch Oil Painting Reproduction

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Genuine hand-painted reproduction of Edvard Munch's famous paintings - oil on canvas.

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Edvard Munch was a great artist of the twentieth century era who received global fame and recognition in the latter half of his life. He belonged to Norway and received his early training in fine arts from his native land. His most famous work is ‘the scream painting’ which not only established him as a worldwide icon but also helped him in forming a great legacy after his death.

The scream painting, even today, remains a unique and the most mysterious art form of the past century. Many other Munch paintings received universal acclaim and are still taken as a true inspiration for modern art students. Some of these works include Clock and Bed, The Dance of Life, Madonna, Puberty etc.

Edvard Munch attached a great style to his paintings. This unique style cannot be found anywhere else and is widely hailed from the modern arts society. People of today love to place Munch's artworks in their homes and offices just to add that style to their surroundings which Munch has given to his paintings. Many of the original artworks of Munch are certainly not cheap and can be real expensive, especially if one wishes to buy from an exhibition.

These facts worry modern art lovers, as they simply won’t be able to get their hands on one of the finest paintings in art industry. Due to these factors a lot of effort has been made during the past decade to reproduce some of the original works of Edvard munch. In this effort many artists have, at an extent, been successful which has made possible for them to acquire Munch paintings in a secondary art form, just to gratify their thirst for genuine art.

Many people still prefer to witness the original works of Edvard Munch for which they visit his native land Norway. The Norway museum and the Munch museum holds some of the finest works of Munch and are a genuine treat for art lovers. Some of his paintings which belong to the era of the early twentieth century can also be found in different parts of the world under the custody of historical art collectors.

There has also been a rising trend in the art industry to copy the original and the rarest works of old artists which helps new comers to acquire some of the finest pieces in history at an affordable price. Similar efforts have been made to acquire some original works of Munch to help modern artists learn some original art techniques.

Another great series of paintings produced by Munch is the all time favorite 'The Frieze of Life'. The most dazzling feature of this series is the use of different emotional sides in constructing the portrait. The scream painting is also one of those pieces which were made under this series. A clear use of emotions such as anxiety and fear was the key element in each of Munch's paintings and it is the factor which helped him in achieving the height of his art career.