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The Dance of Life Edvard Munch Oil Painting Reproduction

The Dance of Life Edvard Munch Oil Painting Reproduction

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Expressionism Art
When we use the name 'expressionism' we come to a conclusion that it was the name of a broad movement of the post world war scenario of the world. This movement was related to the defeat of Germany in the World War 1, when the currency was dropped, hunger increased on the nation level, sadness prevailed in the society and all these feelings started attracting the artists who painted their people in black and white to develop a national image of the society as a whole.

The inhuman conditions inspired the artists of the early twentieth century to paint a darker side of life and society which was an element that was used in movies too, to represent the psychological effect of war on people.  However, this may not be the only definition of expressionism as the word 'expression' itself calls for a whole new dimension of the human behavior and mentality.

To define the term 'expressionism' we would have to first differentiate the word expression form expressionism. An expression is a condition of the human face which determines the different feelings attached with the human state of mind. An expression is the same quality of the face which defines different moods and attitudes in humans. Some of the human feelings can be sadness, happiness, anger, and laughter and all theses have a particular set of expressions by their side. The movement of the chin and eyebrows, the change in lip movements and the nose dimensions from the different sides are some of the expressions which are used in the construction of the expressionism art.

Expressions are the direct outcome of our inner feelings which intentionally or unintentionally will emerge on the human face for the world to see. An artist while portraying a picture of a human keeps these points in mind before hitting the brush on the canvas. When the final phase of the human picture is over, an artist will have delivered his inner feelings and expressions on the canvas which will ultimately be coined 'expressionism'.

This has been the general tendency of the art lovers to define the roots of expressionism art. Robert Beauchamp, Elaine de Kooning, Robert Goodnough, Grace Hartigan, Lester Johnson, Alex Katz are some of the prominent expressionist painters of the first half of the twentieth century. They made a rich contribution in the development of expressionism movement and even their followers kept their legacy moving for a long time.

The current society has also seen a great increase in this tremendous art form. People now love to associate themselves with this great art form that has glorified the art society for more than hundred years. Many houses can still be seen with great expressionist portraits and their mere presence can completely change the mood of the house. This is an effect which is not present in any other art form of the present times. Different art pieces in the expressionist category of art are being re created to provide the art loving society a great opportunity of witnessing this greatest art of the world.