Fernando Botero

Bather by Fernando Botero Oil Painting Reproduction

Bather by Fernando Botero Oil Painting Reproduction

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Genuine hand-painted reproduction of Fernando Botero's famous paintings - oil on canvas.

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Fernando Botero is probably the most controversial and influential artists of recent history. His wise use of oil paints in constructing his violent portraits has won him several awards and recognition throughout the world. Botero belongs to Colombia and is 74 years of age. His initial days were less violent and he preferred the sensual and erotic art. But as he moved on he started witnessing the cruelties and atrocities throughout the world. His native land Bolivia saw some major changes which led him to develop a sad and violent effect in his paintings.

Botero’s arts have been criticized many times for being too violent and gory in nature. This may be the case with the general public, but the fact remains open that his works have been some of the finest examples of deep art effect. After the US Iraq war, Botero consumed much of his time in bringing the violence of abu garib jail onto his canvas to show the injustice and cruelty of the baseless US war on Iraq. These efforts of Botero were highly praised all around the world and his paintings made a huge impact on the mindset of the general public. In his exhibitions, people were amazed to see the reality in his portraits, even though they were explicitly violent.

Botero’s paintings of Iraq also received a major opposition from the establishment but he went on with his works. Whatever he did, was indeed a brave attempt to show the dark side of mankind. He also uncovered the violent nature of his native land Bolivia where the drug cartels paralyzed the lives of people.

The unique selling point of Botero’s artworks was indeed the violent effect, but it was not without inspiration or baseless. Whatever he felt and painted was based on his personal observations and concrete facts. He wanted to expose the cruel nature of mankind in order to create an element of conscience in them. This was the beauty of his work which was greatly respected all around the world.

Many of Botero’s works received wide fame in museums. Almost 100 to 200 of his pieces have been the centre of attention at major museums in America, Japan, Canada, Europe and his native land Bolivia. His major works include Columbian history, Abu ghareb, sensual art and many others.

The mainstream public has also found a close attachment with botero’s work. People of today now love to display his art works in their homes which is indeed a great way to enhance the creativity of house designs. His works, although cruel and violent, have put a great effect on people’s minds and have compelled them to think about the existence and purpose of mankind on earth. This is an effect which is not associated with any other art form, and is a great achievement of Botero. It is also a positive gesture form the artist himself that all his unique works are now available for general public. This is a great opportunity for aspiring talent to get a feel of the true art given by Fernando Botero, the heart and soul of Bolivia.