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Claude Monet Nympheas II Painting

Claude Monet Nympheas II Painting

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Floral Oil Painting, 100% Handmade Flowers Paintings for Sale

Flower painting is a portrayal of mental organization to display the beauty of the flowers. Famous artist painters like Van Gogh (sunflowers or Irises), Monet (water-lilies), have successfully managed to expose their feeling through flowers. Same as many others who have attempted to do so with variant degrees of success.

Flower oil painting is one popular form of flower paintings, artist create flower oil paintings to express emotions of their loved flowers using oil paint on blank canvas. The advantage of buying oil paintings of flowers on canvas is you can keep that painting for more than a hundred year (Van Gogh Sunflowers is now 121 years).

We have listed here purely hand painted flowers paintings both original and reproduction of famous flower paintings by famous artists. Simply browse through, get the one you like. All of our flower painting's orders are back by 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Employ flower paintings to brighten up your room and make it look alive and vibrant

Artists get inspired by the beauty that surrounds them and transfer it to the canvas. No wonder we get to see so many flower paintings. We are surrounded by hundreds of different kinds of beautiful flowers whose vibrant colors and unique shapes are a wonder. Artists absorb that beauty and then recreate it. The oldest flower paintings found date back to the 13th century and during that time flowers were associated with religious symbolism.

The flower paintings made in the sixteenth century were more of scientific in nature and the purpose was to keep record of all the species of flowers that were known. It was later in the 17 century when the oil paintings become the hottest trends and a main part of the décor of the elite and stylish class. Some famous painters who took flight from realism to impressionism are known for their breathtakingly beautiful flower paintings.

Famous French artist Edouard Manet is known for his beautiful flower painting titled as the “Carnations and Clematis in a Vase”. The beautiful piece of art simply gives life to the canvas. Famous Impressionist Claude Monet was so fascinated by the mesmerizing hypnotizing beauty of the flowers that instead of creating a kind of flower or two he created walls of flowers. His brush worked magic on the canvas and gave life to hundreds of kinds of flower in one master piece. His famous works include “The Artist’s House at Argenteuil” and “Poppies Blooming”. No one can compete with Vincent van Gogh when it comes to flower paintings. His master pieces hold a special place and are invaluable.

Flower painting can brighten up a room and make it look alive and vibrant. It is the amazing colors of the flowers that make everything around them resonate with energy and life. Flowers symbolize life and every positive and happy feeling associated with it. So when flower paintings are used to decorate a space they tend to lift up the depression and fill the place with positive energy. Even researches have proved that people who suffer from high blood pressure, anxiety or depression should decorate their houses with flower paintings. These paintings are very helpful in reducing stress levels.

Since nature has flowers of all colors and sizes you can get flower paintings in any color and size. Flower paintings can be used to decorate almost any room in your house including bathrooms and kitchen. In fact you can use a large sized flower painting on the main wall of your living room and decorate the whole room according to it. You can play with a lot of colors and use different combinations that either goes with the main color of the painting or in contrast to it. You will have a lot of fun redecorating if you use this technique.

You can use small sized flower paintings in the stair ways and in the bathrooms. Hallways can also be ornamented with medium sized frames. You can even make your kitchen look livelier by adding a few flower paintings.