Food, Beverages, Kitchen

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Handmade Food, Beverages & Kitchen Oil Paintings for Sale

All our Food, Beverages & Kitchen oil paintings are 100% handmade, carefully crafted by master artists on high quality canvas. Choose your most favorite one, order online with us and receive up to 70% discount today!

Kitchen is the part of your house where you and your family spend a considerable amount of time. You start your day with breakfast in the kitchen and end your day with dinner. Every time you gather friends in your house for a dinner or lunch party or your family and relatives are gathered for holidays a lot of time is sent in the kitchen chit chatting and gossiping. The point is that you have to pay attention to the décor of your kitchen as any other room in your house.

Kitchen paintings are a good way to decorate your kitchen. A little sprinkling of art is good for your senses. The kind of paintings you want in your kitchen depends largely on your taste. They don’t necessarily have to be paintings of fruits and vegetables and other food and cooking related stuff. In fact you can put anything you like in your kitchen.

Abstract paintings can be great kitchen paintings if you are into abstract art. Whatever you hang in your kitchen reflects your personal taste so you don’t have to feel bound that you only need to hang a particular type of painting in the kitchen. This being said, usually every one prefers to have kitchen paintings that are still life paintings of various edible items or kitchen utensils. Kitchen is such an important part of our lives that many artists throughout history have painted the kitchen.

You will find kitchen paintings of wooden tables loaded with paraphernalia of fruits and vegetables. You will find a jug full of milk or a loaf of bread. You will find a woman lost in her cooking chores. The kitchen paintings have a calm serenity and beauty about them. Specifically the paintings that belong to the 16th and 17th century, even the 18th century have a unique feature about them. They show the kitchen as a woman’s domain, her kingdom as was the custom of those times.

The kitchen paintings of that time depict the woman engrossed in work, sometimes in deep contemplation going through her chores absent mindedly. Painters of that era created beautiful still life paintings of one single fruit or a group of fruits and other food items. The paintings have extraordinary depth and use of beautiful shadows. Water Melons and Apples by Malandez, Apples and Grapes by Monet and Fish by Manet are excellent examples of Kitchen paintings of that era.

If you hang a couple of these kitchen paintings in your kitchen and dining area they will really enhance the décor. When you are dealing with kitchen paintings you have to keep a few things in mind. Firstly that you need to have proper frames for the paintings that are heat resistant and also bear in mind that the paintings are covered with glass so that the smoke and grease cannot destroy the painting over time. Extra care of the paintings has to be taken so that they are not damaged by the kitchen conditions which are of course different from the rest of the house.