Henri Matisse

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Modern art movement has a lot of notable artists in its favor and one of them is Henri Matisse. Born in 1869 in a small town of France, he was destined to be a painter. He studied law and practiced it as a law clerk but the inborn talent didn’t let him continue his former profession.

Style of Painting
He used different mediums like Picasso in his paintings and was known for using bold, dark colors and expressed himself through simple shapes. His paintings had intensity due the usage of contrasting colors like red with greens and blue with oranges.Examples are “Open window (1915)” and “Collioure.” He painted figures and human faces but the uniqueness in his creations was prominent, loud colors. He didn’t use skin or earth tones.

Matisse an All Rounder
Although Matisse was popular as painter, he also worked as a sculptor and print maker. His health didn’t let him continue his work as a painter; later on. He started making beautiful collages with papers cut into different shapes. They were named as Cutouts. He even expressed himself being on bed through his Cutouts.

He used different new techniques to attract the viewers. One of those techniques was scraping in which he applied several layers of paint, and then scrapped them off so that the underlying colors could be visible. An example of this was painted in 1939 titled as “Music”. Wet as well as dry paints were used by him for this purpose.

Impasto was another technique in which a thick layer of paint stood out on a painting using a wide paint brush or a knife.

Fauvism is a term used for his work style. It lasted for only four years. Fauvism is derived from a French word “Fauve” meaning “wild beast”. His work’s nature was wild and free. His subjects were architecture, still objects, women, landscape etc.

Matisse’s art pieces
If we talk about his memorable creations, we will find lots of them.

“The red studio” is part of New York museum, it was painted in 1911.

In 1913, he painted Still Life with Oranges. It has bold colors and he focused on natural scene in it. It is displayed in a museum of Paris, France.

“The snail” was created by him only a year ago before he died, when he wasn’t able to stand for a long time to paint. It was basically painted on paper and then paper was cut into pieces .Then he arranged those small pieces roughly and gave it shape of a Snail. The Tait Gallery of great Britain can be visited to view this master piece.

Henry Matisse was a great artist of 19th and 20th century. He has all the traits of renowned painters. His unique style outshines him amongst all other fellow artists of his age. His paintings are liked all over the world.

His paintings will be appreciated and bought by those who like the colors to be added to their walls. His work can illuminate the wall of your room and add life to your personal space.