Henri Rousseau

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Henry Rousseau was a painter of rare qualities. Born on May21,1844, he was French and belonged to post-impressionist school of thought. As a child he was in a boarding for studies where he got distinction in arts and music but scores in other subjects were never good.

His friends loved to call him "La Douanier" which means the "custom officer", although he never was at this post. He started painting seriously at the age of 49.Before that he worked in different fields to earn money. He worked for a lawyer, and then served Army for almost four years.

Rousseau’s Style of painting
He got inspiration for his paintings from different sources and is known for being naïve in his style. He had his own style which had childish simplicity in it. He was ridiculed at the start as he never got art education in formal. He claimed to be self-taught. Nature was his only teacher. He is known for jungle themes.25 of his paintings had the same theme. His famous works include "The dream", "The snake charmer", "The sleeping gypsy" and "The Merry jesters".

Rousseau had to work very hard to get his work approved but he never failed. His images felt like been drawn by a small child to some critic but they had clear sophistication in them. He never got disappointed from comments by his fellows as his power of imagination was strong and he had belief in his abilities. Apart from jungle scenes he also painted images of his city and the suburbs. He kept on showing his work in galleries. It was not noticed until he painted “Tiger in a tropical storm in 1891”.It had a tiger getting ready to eat its prey. It is claimed to be a must see painting by most critics. Another remarkable work by him is “Tropical Forest with monkeys” having plants and animals painted in rich colors.

His famous art work
Another work by him that is worth mentioning is “The sleeping gypsy” (1897).In this painting he has shown a lion looking at a lady sleeping in moon light. “The dream” was produced and exhibited by him before some months of his death. It also had jungle theme showing a woman taking rest in jungle with other animals and creatures. He painted fantasy world that is beyond reality unlike other painters. “The hungry lion throws itself on the antelope” created in 1905 was also a piece having jungle scene. He used lots of shades of green to portray an original picture of forest in his paintings.

Rousseau outshined other painters in a sense that his paintings are an inspiration for animated movie makers. There is a song “The Jungle Line” by Joni Mitchell that is based upon his painting.

He expired on 2nd Sept, 1910 at the age of 66.His greatest wish was fulfilled after his death. Despite all criticism, he didn’t change his style of work. His paintings were sold after his death as he was noticed. Fatewas not very kind to him when he was alive. His efforts must be appreciated whole heartedly.