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Original Thai Floating Market Oil Painting On Canvas Framed

Original Thai Floating Market Oil Painting On Canvas Framed

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Impressionism painting is a painting that show thickly textured brush strokes, emphasis on light with its changing qualities and human perceptions or experiences in life.

History of Impressionism Art

Edgar Degas is often regarded as the most influential and talented artist of the Parisian group. He is reported to have disliked the word of ‘impressionism’ which was coined in the first quarter of the nineteenth century. The term of ‘impressionist’ was also used to denote Edgar degas’ group of painters such as Renoir, Monet, and Pissarro. Despite Edgar’s opposition to the word impressionist, it somehow got attached with his personality. But it is also a fact that every art form, be it literature, architecture, drama, music or sports, is indeed an impression on people and every artists’ duty is to amuse, entertain and impress his audience.

The rise of the 19th and 20th century’s art paved way for a great number of art forms which shocked the existence of the medieval art of Da Vinci and Picasso. The new and reformed art types such as impressionism initiated a new line of talent into the million years old art of painting. One of the finest paintings, ‘Impression and Sunrise’ of the nineteenth century was a great masterpiece by impressionist Claude Monet who captured the true art of nature and its creations in a totally mesmerizing way.

The impressionist movement in art was indeed the result of a constant rejection of works by the notable artists of the nineteenth century such as the group of Renoir Cezanne. Due to these factors, there emerged a new breed of talent who chose to paint in true natural form and gave their works a true identity. A constant struggle to sell their works compelled Renoir and his group of artists to sell their works collectively by forming a group of painters.

Initially all their works were panned by critics for the rough sketch marks and simple and irresponsible brush stokes on the canvas. Despite a harsh response from the critics community of those times, there was still a positive side of this exhibition for the Edgar degas and Renoir Cezanne’s group, which was the publicity to their works.

This good public attendance gave them a chance to show their unique art form to the general society which helped them in exposing the brighter side of the impressionist art. With a constant change in the society and its structure, there started a change in art also which developed a rising need for the creation of the impressionist movement which was popularized by the Edgar group of painters in the nineteenth century.

Currently, the impressionist art is considered a landmark in the history of art. It is a category of art which is highly loved by almost all the sections of society due to its rich natural effects and simple themes. The simple stokes on canvas, which were once thought as unfinished, are now praised for their abstractness and creativity. These features are now wanted by almost all types of people throughout the world for home decorations. The unique effect which is tagged with an impressionism artwork form gives some amazing results to house interiors, which is exactly the reason why there has been a constant demand in its creation and perseverance.