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Claude Monet San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight Painting

Claude Monet San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight Painting

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Landscape paintings and home decorating ideas

The beauty of the world around us has inspired many artists to try and portray the essence of that beauty on canvas. Artists of every age and caliber having given a shot to landscape painting and many have produced masterpieces that are timeless. Landscape painting is pure artistic genius. It is not only the portrayal of nature and the landscape but it reflects the artist’s perception of how he wants to see the world.

Landscape paintings have a very prominent place when it comes to home décor. A landscape painting can change the whole look and feel of your room. If you look around you will find yourself surrounded by colors of countless shades. And those countless shades are captured by the artists in landscape paintings. So you can basically get a landscape painting in any color that compliments the whole color scheme of the room.

In many cases if you get a particularly well known landscape by a known master you can actually decorate the rest of the room according to its color scheme. In this way the landscape will become the center piece of the room and give your room a vibrant and cheerful effect. Landscape paintings have a very soothing effect. City life has become very mechanical and all you can see is steel and cement; tall skyscrapers and traffic. In that case when you come back to your house or apartment the landscape paintings can be your escape from all the city life.

Sitting on your living room couch you can escape in the blue grey endless mountain ranges or in a lake winding into the woods. You can get a landscape painting that depicts your happy place or a place you have always dreamt to see. When you look at it you will find comfort and the landscape paintings can actually be a great way to relieve stress like this.

The 16 and 17th century gave birth to artists who took Landscape painting to the height of its creativity choosing oil colors on canvas. Raphael, Rembrandt and Monet created such amazing master pieces that the beholder looked at them in awe and delight. The exuberance that radiated from these landscape paintings mesmerized every person who set eyes on them. Today the master pieces created by these artists are worth millions of dollars and in artistic terms priceless.

Most landscape artists worked indoors and used their imagination and the images stored in their memory to recreate the beauty of nature around them. Monet and Renoir were the first ones who followed the school of Impressionism and took their work outdoors. Although considered queer and weird at that time, the landscape paintings that they created were a class apart.

Some artists like Paul Cezanne painted the same landscape again and again. He painted the same mountain range near his home many times. The beauty was that he painted the same landscape in different season and hence every time each of his landscape paintings had something new to offer.

If you are an admirer of landscape paintings you can buy replicas of the master pieces to adorn your home.