Leonardo Da Vinci

Da Vinci The Last Supper Oil Painting On Canvas

Da Vinci The Last Supper Oil Painting On Canvas

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Genuine hand-painted reproduction of Leonardo da Vinci's famous paintings - oil on canvas.

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Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian artist of 15th century who inspired people from all walks of life. He was an engineer, scientist, painter, and a sculptor at the same time. He gave specific attention to details before creating any of his pieces. He will be always remembered in history for two of his special paintings. "The Mona Lisa" and "The last supper".

Painting Style
He was the only artist who combined mathematics and fine arts in such a way that nobody did.

He painted life like figures i.e. humans and animals. He worked on moving figures and depicted life in his work.

Leonardo, a left handed artist, not only used paint brush on canvas but also his thumb to create effects as he wished. He enjoyed the freedom of using oil paints. In fact he was the only one of his era who used oil paints. He used his own recipe to make oil paints and this is clear evidence that he was innovative and never followed conventional style.

It is an Italian word which means “Smoke”. In this technique he created real effects by blending the colors while painting objects. The outer edges of objects are given a hazy look thus producing soft image.

Glazing and under-painting
It is a time taking and tedious process but Da Vinci gave realistic effect to his paintings using this particular technique. Initially a painting is done in earth tones grey or browns to make a base and then a thin layer of transparent glaze is applied over the top to give sense of deepness. He was able to show the age, expression and beauty in his paintings realistically.

We can find lots of his drawings in his notebooks that on canvas for us. His detailed study on the objects he tried to paint took him lots of time so many of his work remain incomplete.

He introduced another technique called as Chiarusco by capturing shadow and light by three sides. In those days it was not common at all.

Da Vinci was also very good at sketching. His admirers will learn to sketch like him very easily. He used ink and pen to make sketches. Nowadays there are modern techniques including computer applications. His subjects were mostly relaxed and had good, positive emotions.

Famous Paintings
"The last supper" is his remarkable work. It was an experiment of Da Vinci as he created it using oil based paints on a stone wall which gave him the option to make any changes while working but it resulted into early deterioration of this painting after completion.

The Mona Lisa (painted between 1503-1506)is another unforgettable painting by him. It has a women figure smiling mysteriously. Identity of the lady in portrait is also doubted. This painting is said to be world famous. It is also the most reproduced work in history of art.

He also made two other portraits of women named "Lady with the Ermine" and the "Female portrait of Ginevra de' Benci".

He influenced art in various aspects. Many art schools teach his techniques to students as Da Vinci is an inspiration for them. His portraits, paintings and murals are so creatively done that anyone would feel proud to purchase them and make it a part of their home.