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Albert Bierstadt Mountain Out of The Mist

Albert Bierstadt Mountain Out of The Mist

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Luminism is a term which is used to describe a specific group of artists that emerged in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century period in America. Their specialty was to paint the landscape designs of the eastern and western shores as well as the sceneries that existed by the Hudson River. The word and concept of luminsm is closely attached with tonalism. These two concepts have a lot of things in common and sometimes a clear difference cannot be made due to a confusing and similar nature of both these concepts.

However, if we had to make a definite distinction between the two, we would say that both these movements had a different following. For example luminist painters opposed the tonalism movements and stayed with their original concept of luminism. Similarly the tonalism artisis never changed their art style and saw the luminists with an opposing eye. In this article, we will only discuss the prospects of luminism art to make a clear understanding about this great art form.

A luminism painting is a paint style which emerged on scene to define a new thought of art. Its main features were the use of light and sea in the development of a painting. The strokes on the canvas were applied with a light and soft effect, using the luminism technique. The most dazzling effect in luminist paintings is the incursion of a peaceful feeling through calm river effects and a blue sky which denotes peace and harmony. One of the strangest things about this unique art is that its founders never really called themselves as luminists and believed that whatever they did was simply an evolving side of art.

Martin Johnson Heade and Frederic E. Church were the main heads of the luminist art form who gave a new style to the world of art. Many historians still argue that the word luminism should be scrapped and a simple term for this art form must be applied in order to make it more viable for the current art public. This however has not been done in the past mostly due to a great legacy which is attached with the works of martin and Frederick.

There are also some similarities which occur between the luminism art form and impressionism. Many people of today draw a good number of common elements between the two art forms. For example, current artists feel that the use of color is almost the same between the two styles of art. Another common element is the light landscaping element which develops a soothing effect for viewers and is found in both kinds of art styles.

Despite a clear similarity, it cannot be concluded that luminism or impressionism have been inspired by each other. There is still a great difference between two of the greatest art forms of history. Today’s art public has a great liking for luminism and they use its paintings and works for in house decorations most frequently. This is turning out to be a rising trend among the modern art loving society.