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A Van Gogh Portrait You Never Seen Before

A Van Gogh Portrait You Never Seen Before

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Male art is the concept of past many centuries. Painters and impressionists made rich contributions in male art form during the glorious period of arts and architecture. Many great painters and artists came on the scene making their mark in this genuinely unique style of art. For many centuries, men have been the centre of attention due to their masculine power and capability to rule the world. Many battles were fought between the nations during the 15th and 16th century dividing the world in many blocs. This was the time when new artists emerged on the horizon and created, from their god gifted sense of art, several depictions of men, creating a whole new perception for male domination.

The main elements while portraying the art of male body were masculinity and strength. These elements formed the basis of male art. There were many kinds of male art in the past century. Artists such as Da Vinci and Picasso made rich contributions in this exquisite art form to show the world many different sides of men. The skin color in painting men on canvas also had a significant effect on the overall outcome of the portrait. For example black skin color indicated the genuine power to withhold a considerable strength and domination. Another angle of the black skin color in men showed the re birth phase in which men re emerged on the horizon of the world with tremendous strengths and abilities. White skin color on the other hand, represented death in old times and many artists used this technique to depict death in various forms using the male body as a symbol. 

Similarly, the height showed the power of superiority and courage whereas a low structure represented poverty, helplessness and isolation. A great painting of the 19th century, the voyage of life by Thomas Cole is a great example of the different faces and journeys of men in life. Here the painter tried to associate men with stages and angles of life with a specific theme by their sides. Another great men’s painting is the forgotten man which was made by McNaughton, who showed the factor of isolation in people of the nation. In this painting painter showed the alienation of the man from the leaders of the nation. McNaughton did an extremely commendable job in exposing the dark side of the nation’s leaders and their incapability to meet the rising demands of the people. 

In this tremendously painted portrait, men have been once again the center of attention showing the element of helplessness as the main theme. Men paintings have always been liked for their intensive depth and masculinity. The Greek god pictures and national heroes’ portraits have been the number one choice of home decorators and collectors. The in house decoration schemes now demand a necessary element of men paintings to create a different feel for the house interiors. This is great way to decorate homes as it leaves you to analyze the creative aspects of male art form.