Nautical Paintings

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Learn Nautical Art
Other name for this type of art is Marine art. It has painting, drawing, sculpture or craft having boats and sea. Basically it revolves around marine life or sea. Nautical art also includes sea shells, corals reefs,and sailors. This type of art was famous from 17th to 19th century.

Themes of Nautical Art
The nautical art represents thrill, adventure and beauty at the same time with a boat caught in a sea storm. Every painter has his own style of capturing the sea scenes. Ivan Aivazovsky paintings are known to be a true depiction of marine art.

If someone is interested in nautical art, he would go for the pictures of ships. Lots of action can be added to such portraits by adding details of ships for instance ropes, sails and other technical details. Apart from ships nautical themes can be seen in the wall papers, models made up of different materials including paper, dolphin, starfish, jelly fish are some of the popular marine life items that are used for decoration of our homes.

Nautical art can be used for making elegant jewelry or jewelry boxes made of sea shells. The maps that were used for navigation purpose by sailors will also serve as antique piece of decoration to be hung on your room’s wall. Sea shells of large size can be creatively used to make ash trays, soap dishes etc. Bottles having crafts of ships are also very creative pieces to be placed in your drawing room. They will be fascinate the visitors. Pictures having sun set scenes with blur image of boats also prove to be eye catching as it has mixed shades of red and oranges.

We can get historical knowledge from this art as it includes the pictures of famous naval battles, disastrous sea storms and famous ships that ruled the sea world.

Bill Allen, renowned marine artist had a passion for painting marine life. He had interest in fishing, boats and how they work. He started painting using vibrant colors. Buy Boat is one of his creations made with water colors on paper. ThreeDead rises is another painting that is a beautiful piece made by him.

Jim Campbell is another name in nautical art that has been exhibited in lots of countries. He expressed his love for boats and marine life through ink and pen drawings. "The Duel at Hampton Roads" is a picture of battle between USS Monitor and CSS Virginia. It will attract those who are interested in marine battles.

Nautical art and crafts were popular in the past but nowadays gaining importance as home décor item again. Kids going to beaches or sea sides for picnic collect different pieces like sea shells and had creative ideas to make delicate items from them.

The art exhibitions are held just to promote nautical art. An investment in art objects will prove you to be a cultured person of society who appreciates creativity. So, bringing any such decorative piece to home is worth it.