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Genuine Handmade Nude Paintings for Sale

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Right from the dawn of mankind, the nature of man has always been explored in its true form to determine the components of man’s existence. Art has been the sole representative of man’s true nature. Since the rise of intellect in man, nations have tried to depict the untold side of man and for which art and craft was taken as the sole mean. Many artists on the face of the earth have tried to re create the true identity that lies in the heart of man through different art works.

Nude art form is considered as another brick in the wall to achieve the purpose of man’s search of truth. For several centuries, nude art flourished greatly and represented man’s inner self and his relationship and living with his fellow beings. Different elements of personality such as sexuality, isolation, truth, intelligence, conscience and bravery have been associated with a nude art form. All these features of man’s personality have had a certain amount of inspiration behind the creation of a nude art.

There have been many genuine painters in the world who had a great passion for constructing nude paintings. Their sole reason was a certain amount of sensitive touch to their personalities which forced them to go deep into the nature of man, through their paintings. The ancient Rome was the centre of nude art form and is the main source of inspiration for artists all around the world. Greek gods have also been a symbol of nude art and are still taken as a method which is used by Greeks to keep the legacy of their Gods moving.

Michelangelo is an iconic figure of the world who excelled greatly in his work of nude art. His works have been the glorious side of art and are still taken as a precious source of inspiration by the aspiring artists of the current century. His creative works such as Sistene's ceiling were very much controversial at that time and were considered inappropriate by many. But due to a constant desire for art, Michelangelo kept moving on with his work.

Until the 19th century nude art flourished greatly and Greek and roman themes topped the inspiration list, when the society eventually saw a change in norms and values. This was the time when the nude art was started to be considered as taboo and was related to pornography by a large number of societies.

Even today, the nude art is not taken well by many and its sole objective has been restricted to art schools to train the new and aspiring talent in learning the curves and movements of the human body. Despite a restricted nature of the nude art in the present society, there has been a rising trend of using nude paintings for home decorations. Many modern houses can still be seen with ancient Greek nude figures which give a stylish effect to the home surroundings. Whatever the restrictions and perceptions may be, nude art does have a legacy and a unique effect on the minds people.