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Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette

Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette

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People Paintings by Famous Artists Reproduction for Sale

Painting of people, group and family depict people actions and activities.

List of people paintings by famous artists such as Van Gogh, Renoir, Klimt. Genuine handmade using finest oil on high quality canvas. Order online and receive up to 70% discount today!

People painting is a form of art which dates back to the cave dwellers. These people used charcoal and minerals to paint stick like figures on the walls of the caves. Ever since then man has painted himself and the people around him. Any painting depicting people falls in this category.

The people who gained fame during their time were often painted. Some painters also liked to do self-portraits. Historical events involving people also donned the canvas of an artist. Some of them are "The Last Supper", "Liberty Leading the People" etc. Painters have also given extensive coverage to the female figure. One of the most famous paintings of all time is "Mona Lisa" which was produced by Leonardo Da Vinci. Art critics over the centuries have tried to unlock the secret behind her smile. A large portion of people paintings is influenced by Roman and Greek mythology which were once at the zenith of culture. Often imaginary characters are painted which are an allegory to some real life person or event.

Recently a new and revolutionary form of art has arisen in which the subjects of the painting are painted with acrylic paints to look like they are a part of the painting. The extraordinary thing is that the people are real and alive in these paintings. Temporary and permanent tattoos are also considered as a form of body art and they have become popular in the younger generation.

Another form of people paintings has been made possible thanks to the modern technology. It involves the use of LEDs and lights which are interacting with subjects of the paintings to create optical illusions.

Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa is probably one of the most famous paintings of all time. It was done by Leonardo Da Vinci. It was painted between 1503 to 1506. It is now on display in the Louvre Museum in Paris. It is a portrait of the wife of Francesco Del Giocondo. Mona Lisa has a smile on her face but no one has really understood why the artist has painted her in that way.

Liberty Leading the people
It is oil on canvas painting done by French artist Eugene Delacroix in 1830. It is considered to be one of his best artworks. It shows a woman which symbolizes Liberty ushering soldiers forward unto victory. The woman is standing on dead bodies. There are soldiers in the background carrying rifles with bayonets and the three striped flag of France. It is basically in commemoration to the 1830 revolution which toppled the reign of Charles X.

People paintings should adorn the walls of our homes because they give us a sense of pride. Historical paintings showing a turning point can serve as an inspiration or motivation for us. If these paintings are hanging on the wall and we pass them by, it will inspire us to do great things as our forefathers did. Classical people paintings also depict our cultural development and guests can be influenced when they visit the house.