Realism Paintings

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Realism painting is the depiction of subjects as they appear in everyday life, with minimal ornamentation or the hindarance of interpretation. Realistic paintings didn’t stop at anything in revealing a truth, many paintings of this style emphasize the sordid or ugly.

Realistic Art
Realism is the genre of art started in 18th century but got boom in mid nineteenth century. The art that is captured without idealism is called as "realism". It started from France initially.

The artists in favor of this art style were Leonardo Da Vinci, ThomasEakins, Gustave Courbet, John Singleton Copley, Edgar Degas and EdouardManet also seemed Realistic at the start but later on got influenced by Impressionism. Courbet(1819-1877) was founder of Realism and his famous works were:

"The painter’s studio" and "The burial at ornans" (1849). Portrayal of ordinary people in these paintings were their specialty. He created his one man show exhibition after getting rejected. Impressionists were also impressed from the realists but depicted modern life in their works. Honore Daumier (1808-1879) also painted problems faced by the poor. Jean Millet’s subject was peasant.

All of the artists in favor of realism rejected fantasy, myths, romanticism, fairy tales and painted scenes from everyday life. Realism was turned to a specific direction in 20th century known as "Classical Realism". Academy of Realist art (ARA) is private institute that teaches the basic techniques of realist art to its students. The technique has been simplified by making step by step process to meet the challenges of painting realist pictures. It is quite a difficult task to paint the subject as it is.So training for the new comers is necessary. Angel Academy of art and Florence academy of art are other institutes specialized for the same school of thought.

Style of Realist Art
It depicted rural and urban life scenes, labor and working class, the miseries of class that is deprived of basic necessities of life. It shocked upper class of society and this was the success of Realistic Painters. They successfully depicted the social problems and proved themselves to be socialists who demanded improvement. The reality in paintings was shown without tempering or exaggerating anything.

The realist painters' subject was lower and middle class folks. The creations didn't have anything pretty or out of world. They proved that the poverty can be the focus of their paintings. The emotions drawn on the canvas were not love, beauty but pain, hard work,hunger, sexual subjects,illness and fatigue.

Main Characteristics of Realism
The main characteristic was use of dull, earthly colors instead of bright ones to bring up seriousness and bitterness of life.Red, greens were avoided in this specific art movement. The paintings didn’t have any dramatic effects. Unpleasant details were not concealed and its images were presented honestly. Truth and reality should come up through the realist work. Color, medium and texture that are being used must be accurate. Imagination was totally out of question in realist realm, the depth in the objects was shown by light and shadow.Realists were inspired from science and everyday events taking place around them.

The people who are realistic in nature will like to decorate their walls using great paintings. Everyone having realistic approach towards life liked the work and appraised these artists.