Renaissance Paintings

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Renaissance Art
The period that started in the late 13th century and continued till 16th century is known to be as Renaissance art period. The term Renaissance is derived from a French word meaning Rebirth. The work produced during this period was marvelous and the great art museums hold the collection from this era. It includes sculptors, paintings and other decorative art that emerged from Italy. Lots of aspects of society were affected by the development in Renaissance art like Philosophy, Science, Literature and Theology. The subject matter was Christianity but it observed lots of changes from early to middle ages for instance,ideas of classical mythology and philosophical thoughts were new addition. New images, themes and symbols were introduced as Renaissance art flourished. Light and shadow techniques were used to create depth in expressions and moods. In discovery of new values, artists originating from Italy got impressed from the Greek Gods and their mythology.

Style and subject
Early Renaissance artists focused on details, complex emotions and sentiments were depicted clearly in their paintings. They rejected the blur, disproportionate pictures by Byzantine painters.

This style of art expressed the modern thoughts in its creation. Geometrical shapes were used to dram figures. Mathematics was involved. Study of human parts by performing autopsies was also its feature.

The basic method of painting in different eras draws a clear difference from the previous one. Renaissance painters added scenes from Greek mythology and Roman history. Modern art has a variety of subjects to choose from, it is not restricted to any specific school of thought. They had interest in architecture and tried to depict the graphical figures highlighting the importance of buildings.

Famous painters and techniques used in Renaissance paintings
Colors used were near to skin tones in the background of a painting.Leonardo Da Vinci was in favor of sepia tones.Michelangelo and Raphel were famous artists of this era. The school of Athens is a master piece by Raphel. Different layers of colors were applied to the canvas; it was time consuming as the color must be dried before applying the next one.The end result was impressive. “Sfumato” technique was also Renaissance’s era characteristic. Oil paints were used on large canvases for the first time in this era.”Tenebrism” was a technique meaning dark.In this type, the single figure is highlighted and the surroundings are made dark.Artemisia Gentileschi showed the same technique in Judith Slaying Holofernes. Chiaroscuro is another technique in which the background has blurred images, thus the human eye focused on the front images with dark and light colors.

The dressing shown in Renaissance art is peculiar as compared to figures shown in the modern art. The men are wearing dresses having tights, big hats, and long sleeved tunics, belts had jewels in them and they carried swords in their hands. Men had big hair at that time. The women had long shirts with full sleeves.

Renaissance style jewelry is also very much famous .Pearls, beads and metal chains can be used to make jewelry even at home. It is very easy to follow renaissance theme.

Renaissance art is worth viewing and buying for your home decor.