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Grande Vaso di Fiori Auguste Renoir Famous Painting Reproduction

Grande Vaso di Fiori Auguste Renoir Famous Painting Reproduction

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Genuine Handmade Still Life Oil Paintings for Sale

All our still life paintings are 100% handmade, carefully crafted by master artists on high quality canvas. Choose your most favorite one, order online with us and receive up to 70% discount today!

The art of painting is as old as the Human civilization itself. It is in human nature to recreate what he sees around himself and to record event. The earliest painting found date back to Thousands of years BC on walls of prehistoric caves. The prehistoric man used anything he could like bone, wood etc. to create this art. With evolution the art got refined. Man learnt how to make colors first by grinding elements of nature and now it has become so easy that all an artist has to do is drop at a store and get a box of his preferred colors or even easier just order online.

Art has evolved with time. Paintings have been a part of every culture and every civilization; some used painting for solely religious reasons while for others it was pure aesthetic pleasure. The human nature tends to get attracted towards beauty and beauty can be found in all peculiar things. May be one day someone saw a half broken earthen pot lying somewhere with the sunlight created shadows all around it and could help but admire the beauty.

Transferring that image gave birth to Still life paintings. Yes that is what still life paintings are about. Finding beauty in the most ordinary things and the key is the play of depth and shadows which make the still life painting amazingly beautiful. There will hardly be any art student who has not tried still life painting. In fact when one learns to paint formally in an institution still life painting is one of the earliest types of paintings he has to learn.

An artist can paint all types of objects in still life paintings and use any medium like water color, oil color or acrylic etc. and breathe life into them. Still life paintings have a group of inanimate ordinary objects painted the way the artist sees them. But as one might see and say well yes pretty one must understand the objects are grouped the way they are by the artist for a reason. The art is always the reflection of the artists inner though process and his emotions so all pieces of art including still life paintings hold a much deeper meaning than the beautiful appearance.

Taking a look at the history you will see that still life paintings have been created in almost every era and famous masters have created master pieces in still life. Cluade Monet painted the famous still life with Apples and Grapes. Vincent van Gogh’s still life Majolica with wildflowers, Vase with Oleanders and Vase with Oleanders and books are a classic example of how the artist’s mind evolves and creates master piece after master piece.

Still life paintings are one of the best items to decorate your home with. You can hang them in your sitting room, drawing room, kitchen, bathroom and staircase. Still life paintings can greatly enhance the beauty of your home and create just the sort of effect that you want in the space around you.