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Da Vinci Mona Lisa Oil Painting On Canvas

Da Vinci Mona Lisa Oil Painting On Canvas

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Hand Painted Traditional Paintings Reproduction for Sale

Traditional art is the art that is passed down from masters through generations to keep alive their culture. Each region or group of people have a different culture and have their own traditional art and its techniques.

In a more broader and modern context, traditional art is the art forms the mankind has been making and developing since centuries like paintings, drawings, sketching, photography, printing, etc. it includes anything that includes creativity and using both your hands.

The need to differentiate and define traditional art is because now technology has given birth to the modern art form, digital art. Digital art, in contrast to traditional art, is the art that is created through computer programs and software. Traditional photography art is replaced by digital photography; traditional hand paintings can be replaced by computer generated digital images, etc.

As mentioned earlier, each country or region has its own roots of traditional arts. India has a very rich history of traditional arts. There are so many diverse braches of traditional Indian arts that many people are not aware of all of them. Some of the more forms that India has to offer are Warli, Gond, miniature, kalamkari, tanjore, etc. Similarly Chinese people have a great culture and a very rich background in traditional arts. Mostly all Asian regions have a vast history of performing and visual arts.  Traditional art is a significant aspect of each culture. It can signify a culture’s beliefs and native myths.

Decorating your homes with traditional art forms is still a high priority. Antique prints, old fashioned techniques, and the delicacy of hand paintings give your house a homely spirit. It keeps you faithful to your roots and ancestors. It keeps reminding you of the fruit of hard work and how real masterpieces were created with such detailing.

Japanese are very keen on decorating their homes with their traditional art. These people like to express themselves and their homes can be considered as mini museums of art. They like to decorate their walls, ceilings, plaster, everything with some sort of traditional art. The most famous Japanese art are the Japanese screens that are called Byobu. Initially, these screens were used for room partitions but now they are considered as a part of the Japanese culture. Even the Japanese crockery is full of designs and traditional drawings like mountains and birds etc.

In the western homes, we see that living rooms have mantelpieces that represent the traditional art. People decorate their living rooms by putting up all sorts of art pieces on the center of attraction of the room.

Each culture and each different traditional art form is unique and worthy of praise in its own context. Each culture has its own beauty to represent and everyone has a different way of representing things. The important thing is to keep the local traditional art alive by reproducing it again and again for future generations. If this is not done, then our roots will get cut off by this boom of digital technology.