Tree Paintings

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Genuine Handmade Tree Oil Paintings for Sale

All our tree paintings are 100% handmade, carefully crafted by master artists on high quality canvas. Choose your most favorite one, order online with us and receive up to 70% discount today!

Artist paint the beauty of nature they see around them. In landscape painting artists recreate the natural scenery. The paintings are not the exact images of the scenes but are the representation of the artist’s perception. Trees are a very important part of the natural landscape. There are thousands of species of tree and each one of them is remarkably beautiful in its own unique way. This beauty shifts dimensions with each changing season. The mesmerizing beauty of the trees is the reason why so many artists have painted them.

Tree paintings have a unique charm and different cultures have different symbolism associated with trees. The Tree of Life has been the most sought after subject pursued by artists of all eras. Others trees have some strong symbolism attached with them and the artists present that very strongly on the canvas.

Take the example of the Oak tree. It is the symbol of power and might in many cultures. Oak trees are also associated with prophecy, wisdom, healing and fidelity. When you look at them oak tree are mighty and ancient and have an aura of mystery surrounding them. Many artists have made tree paintings of the mighty oaks and amazed their audiences with the depth and detail these paintings have.

Similarly different trees have different symbolism associated with them. The apple tree symbolizes youth, beauty, magic, happiness and disobedience. The aspen tree is associated with overcoming fears, determination and doubts. The Ash tree represents higher awareness, sensitivity and sacrifice. The birch tree is a symbol of letting go of the past and new beginnings while a Beech tree symbolizes tolerance. The cedar tree stands for cleansing, healing and protection. The cypress tree is all about sacrifice and the cherry tree is associated with rebirth and death.

The Elder tree is associated with the supernatural and the Elm tree symbolizes strong will and intuition. The Hazel Tree is a symbol of divination and hidden wisdom. The Heather tree signifies immortality, healing of the soul and initiation. The Holly tree is a symbol of a spiritual warrior, controlling anger and protection. A Maple tree shows practicality, promise and balance. A Pine tree is a symbol of immortality, creativity, longevity and life. A willow is a symbol of sorrow, Healing, dreams and inner visions.

The specific tree in any of the tree paintings can be a symbol of these things apart from being only a landscape painting. The painting is always a reflection of the artist’s inner turmoil and when painting a specific tree the artist might be going through a certain phase in his life.

Take Vincent van Gogh for example, his tree paintings are a true expression of his emotions. Van Gogh unleashed his true unrestrained self in his tree paintings and you will see it in the use of bold and vibrant colors and immense depth.

Tree paintings can be excellent for home and office décor. You can choose a tree painting as your personal totem; something that symbolizes your internal struggle and your philosophy about life and your part in it.