Triptych Paintings

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Triptych Set Paintings for Sale

Triptyches set paintings were first produced in the Chinese culture and later on we witness that the middle ages also made this a popular practice. Triptych set paintings are a set of three painted that are painted on individual leafs but are displayed side by side to each other. They are hinged together.

Triptyches set paintings are seen in churches, homes, cathedrals and all sorts of places. It is not necessary that every time the three paintings are in order or sequence but there is always some connection. The theme, subject of the drawing, character or any other common ground may be found.

Also, the three individual paintings are not always necessarily similar in size. The center piece may be larger with two smaller ones on each side or their sizes may be in ascending or descending order. All these things depend on the artist himself.

Another variation of the triptych set paintings is that they may represent a scene. So each picture is required to be placed in correct order. The three panels will represent the first, middle and last scene of some event or thing.

The word triptych has its origins in Greek. Triptych means tri layered. Triptych paintings are a great way to decorate your home. It can beautifully cover up a large space or wall. Another great variation of the triptych set paintings is that room partitioning screens are also designed with these art works. This way not only your walls, but your room as well will brighten up. These paintings provide a very elegant touch the room.

Triptych paintings are gaining lot of popularity all around the world. Every day we see newer artists merging and painting triptych paintings. Paintings made by famous artists are sold for millions of dollars. Triptych paintings can be images inspired from all kinds of art movements and styles. It can be on canvas, photo-printed, digitalized, or anything that the artist prefers.

It should be understood that it is not always true that triptych set paintings are made individually. Any piece of art may be transformed into a triptych painting. But some images work better divided than others. The secret to this technique is the use of the right frames. The frame should complement the pictures. It should not take the focus away from them.

Some famous triptych painters are Simone Martini, Robert Campin, Peter Rubins and Francis Bacon. Apart from these there are other various artists as well who have gained fame by drawing triptych set paintings. Francis Bacon has contributed 28 such paintings between 1944 till 1986. His work was very versatile and he drew on various subjects like animals, men, heads, etc. his most famous work is the “Triptych” and "Black triptychs."

In conclusion, triptyches set paintings are a set of three paintings that are intended to be hung together. They often depict a story or similar scenes. When hung together on the wall, they produce a very dramatic and beautiful effect.