Tropical Paintings

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Tropical Paintings for Tropical Home Decor

Tropical Paintings - Make your home a tropical home by genuine hand painted tropical oil paintings on canvas. Enjoy relaxing scenes of paradise on your own home with tropical home decor of tropical art paintings such as tropical fish paintings, tropical beach paintings, tropical landscape paintings.

Tropical art is basically any painting which depicts the beaches, sand, coconut trees, palm trees, fish and other objects which can be found along the coastal lines. Mainly the tropical art depicts the beaches of West Indies, Australia, New Zealand and the coral reefs spread throughout the waters of the world.

Style of Tropical Art
The tropical art has usually got a bright colour scheme. The artist's canvas shows the generous usage of paints. The tropical ecology has many beautiful birds. There are coconut trees and people on the beaches. The artist uses these subjects as a topic in his paintings. Some people use their paintings to emphasize the conservation of environment and endangered species of plants and animals.

The painting is done using oil and acrylic paints or water colours. Since the tropical areas are teeming with life, artists prefer the use of hyper realistic style to don their canvases. The hyper realistic style is done in such a way that it looks too perfect to be real. This adds a unique flair to the painting.

Tropical art paintings
Arara Canga - It is a painting by Brazilian artist Airasana Busato. It is done in the acrylic medium. It shows two native Brazilian parrots. The painting appears to be almost real. The parrots are large in size and are red with hints of blue and some white and black feathers. The artist wants to convey a message of animal and bird conservation through the painting.

Caribbean Drifters - This painting is an artwork of Gloria W. Clifford and the medium is acrylic. As the name suggests, it depicts the life in the waters off Caribbean islands. A turtle is swimming and there are blue and yellow fishes swimming along with it. The background is light blue which shows that water is clear in the background. It uses a very bright colour scheme.

Simply Relaxing - Simply relaxing is a painting by Steve Barton. The picture sets a very relaxing mood. It depicts a hut by the coast and the sun is going down in the distance. The sky is turning red. There are relaxing chairs placed outside the hut and there are trees shown. Bright flowers are also depicted in the painting.

Tropical art has a very relaxing effect on the surroundings. The mind and body get relaxed by seeing the bright blue water and fish swimming in them. It uses bright colour schemes so there is a refreshing look about it. It has an effect of lifting the spirit and the mood. The tropical flora and fauna are exotic so they can be used in decoration if you want to go for an exotic look. If you like the great outdoors, tropical art can make you feel as if you are out on the beach. It depends on what we like and what kind of atmosphere we want to live in. If you want a soothing effect to prevail in your house, then decorate your house with tropical art and bask in the outcome.