Vintage Paintings

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Genuine hand-painted Vintage oil paintings reproductions

Learn the vintage art and select the one you like from our comprehensive list of vintage oil paintings on high quality canvases below.

Vintage art is a class of art which includes any artwork which has matured over a period of time and developed a class of its own. This form of art is quite valuable as they are either original or of good quality.

Style and Subjects of Vintage Art
Vintage art has covered a wide variety of subjects. The subjects which have been painted include landscapes, seascapes, deserts, flowers, equine art, fox hunting scenes and European street scenes among a host other subjects.

The styles employed by the artists throughout history are equally varying. Some people followed a style known as social realism in their paintings. The artists of this movement showed social injustice in their artworks. Some artists went for Impressionism and some chose modernism. There have been artists who adopted a figurative style in which they use the subjects of their paintings figuratively.  Apart from this Fauvism, Cubism and Plein air style was also employed by different artists. The Fauvists believed in the use of bright colours. The Cubists who were headed by Pablo Picasso broke down the subject for analysis and preferred an abstract style. The Plein Air movement mostly produced paintings in the great outdoors. These are the various paintings which influenced the Vintage art over time.

Mariana in the South

Mariana in the South is a famous painting by John William Waterhouse. It is oil on canvas painting and was commissioned in 1897. It is about Marianna, a character in Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure". The picture shows her with long hair running down her back. She is standing in front of a mirror and is shown to be in great despair and torment.

The Dance Class

This painting was produced by Edgar Degas in 1874. It depicts a scene from a dance class in which there are a total of twenty four women, ballerinas and their mothers. One of the dancers is preparing for her turn to demonstrate her skills while she is being watched by famous dance tutor Jules Perrot. This is an imaginary scene and is shown to be shot in the Paris Opera House.

Starry Night

Starry Night is a painting by Vincent van Gough and it ranks among the most famous paintings of all times. It shows a sky which is filled with stars and a crescent moon. The stars are brightly illuminated and so is the moon. The scene is exaggerated somewhat. A large lonely, black figure is standing in the front which can be interpreted as anything from a tree to a mountain. There is a small town in the distance and the steeple of a church is clearly visible.

Vintage art shows the class of the owner. It adds to the beauty of the house and has grandeur feel about it. Since this art is old and famous, not many people get their hands on it and the owner can feel proud of their possession. So, vintage art and specifically vintage paintings must be kept in mind when decorating your homes as they show the taste of the owner.