Western Indian Paintings

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Genuine Handmade Western Indian Oil Paintings for Sale

Great Western Indian art for western indies decorating theme. All our Western Indian paintings are 100% handmade, carefully crafted by master artists on high quality canvas. Choose your most favorite one, order online with us and receive up to 70% discount today!

To recreate what we see around us is deeply engraved in human nature. We see the most vivid expression of this urge in the art of painting. Painting is almost as old as human history. We can find painting on the walls of caves. These painting were made by the primitive man. You can’t imagine a man standing with a set of brushes and a color pallet in his hands, but the primitive man used the most primitive things to paint.

He used bone and stone to draw and different kinds of stone that gave away color to fill in the details. These painting were basic but they reflected their age as any other painting would do. As man evolved, so did the art of painting. Slowly and gradually technology continued to facilitate artists by giving their tools and colors more perfection. Today a painter need not sit and grind elements to produce color but simply buy whatever color he wants.

The paintings of every age have a reflection of that time period on them. Similarly every artist has a unique signature. The painting, though a recreation of what the artist sees are not only a recreation but also a reflection of the artist’s perception. In every painting the moods of an artist are definitely reflected. When you talk about reflection and recreation the West Indian Paintings are a beautiful display of the colors and moods of that region.

In many ways Western Indian paintings come under the umbrella of contemporary art. The artists have displayed the beautiful colors of the Caribbean in these paintings and these painting carry a strong influence of the culture. When talking of Western Indian Paintings the most noticeable are the painting form Jamaica, Cuba and Haiti.

When you look at Western Indian Paintings you will see something different, something alien. It will be something that you have not experienced before and at times you will not be able to connect with it. Western Indian art takes some time to be absorbed. Some of the paintings are so extremely simple and straight forward that one wonders if some point is being missed in interpreting the painting.

You can find some excellent Western Indian Paintings if you want, for the décor of your home. The imagery of the paintings is strong and the colors vivid; the Western Indian paintings can surely bring life to your space in a unique, peculiar but interesting way. The Western Indian paintings will even look better in your house if you have some related decoration items, some other artifacts in that room that compliment the painting.

Nari ward, J.B. Kidd, Jayson Keeling and Renee Cox are a few of the many renowned Painters of the Western Indian Paintings that are a class apart and are a true representation of the people and culture of the region. The artists have done justice in portraying the straight forward simplicity of the people. So if you want something really unique and vibrant in your house than you should definitely visit a Western Indian Paintings gallery online and pick something out.