Western Paintings

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Genuine Handmade Western Oil Paintings for Sale

Looking for western painting for your western decor theme? We have listed here great western oil paintings, western landscape paintings by famous western artists reproduction for sale, all are carefully crafted by master artists using finest oil on high quality canvas. Choose the one you like, order online and receive up to 70% discount today!

Learn Western Paintings

Western paintings and Western art are ancient. With time it evolved, saw many movements and revolutions and artists of every time period depicted the ups and downs with whole hearted honesty. Art is always the reflection of the events that surround the artist. Along with that the artist’s inner most feelings, his unvented emotions, his struggles, fears, hopes, dreams, aspirations and desperation are found in the paintings he creates.

Western Paintings took flight from Egypt, Rome and Greece and entered the middle ages. The renaissance period was overtaken by Neo Classicism which then found its way into Impressionism, Romanticism and Symbolism. Then there came the brief period of Post Impressionism. In the 20th century the Western paintings carried all the chaos, turmoil, destruction, disease and on the other hand advancement, innovation and urbanization that are the typical traits of the 20th century. This all finally lead the Western paintings to their latest form known as the Contemporary art.

You can use Western paintings to decorate your home. Paintings play an important part in home décor. They can be used to add color as well as set ambience or mood for a particular room. Since such a huge variety and so many different genre come under the umbrella of Western paintings that you have countless options to make a choice.

The landscapes by the famous art masters like Monet, Renoir, Rembrandt, Brullov and Manet only to name a few from the impressionist movement are an ideal decoration piece for your living room or drawing room. Landscape paintings have a very soothing effect. The beauty of natural scenery is captured on the canvas and reflects the artist’s perception of the particular image. The colors and depth in landscape paintings is remarkable.

The landscape paintings can be a blessing for the people who live in cities and have to see nothing but cement and steel. These paintings can be a form of relief and the only connection to nature. Using a landscape western painting in the kitchen might not be a very good idea though if you prefer to have one, there is no law against it.

You can find extremely beautiful still life paintings by the Western artists.  These Western paintings are ideal for your kitchen and even your bathroom. But you need to have special frames to protect your paintings in the Kitchen and washroom. In the kitchen, make sure that the frame is heat resistant and that a glass frame is present to protect the painting from grease. In the washroom you have to make sure that the painting is safe from moisture.

If you have a very formal drawing room that is furnished grandly, you need to pick some of the very grand Western paintings for the decoration of that room. These paintings will surely add to the grandeur of the room. You will get very good replicas of Western paintings of the Great masters since the originals are in museums and art Galleries and are worth millions of dollars. The western paintings from the contemporary period are also fascinating.