William-Adolphe Bouguereau

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Adolphe William was a French artist born in the early nineteenth century. His family had no background of arts and paintings. It was thought of A. William to also follow in the steps of his family and join the wine and olive oil business. But thanks to his uncle, he was enrolled in a high school. There he exhibited very early on his artistic touch. Then after seeing his work, he was sent to an arts school for proper training. For his earning, he designed labels for jars of jams and preservatives.

A.William’s paintings were very realistic. Their subjects usually revolved around women of the pagan and classical genre. His style was that he drew photo realistic paintings but showed a much idealized world.

His techniques were common pencil sketches and use of oil paints for his drawings. But he was very careful with his strokes. The human body was drawn with great perfection and his talent to paint hands, arms, feet and skin were the most appreciated aspect of his paintings.

Salon was a great event in the Paris art world. It was an annual exhibition of art that drew in thousands of visitors and so newer artists got great recognition. A.William was very popular in these exhibitions and this is where his career started officially. Not only was he a successful academic painter, he was a very talented portrait artist as well. There are still a few portraits made by A.William in private homes and families.

A lot of his work I famous but a few are very popular among art lovers. “The elder sister” is a painting that he drew in 1869. It is a very simple scene of an elder sister sitting on the rock, and holding her baby sister. The beauty of the painting is the depth of emotions of the elder sister. Her composed look, the proper angles of her body and limbs are all in perfect proportion.

“The Goose Girl” is another master piece by A.William. Here again the spectators are dazzled by the beauty of the girl and the she is drawn. It really feels as if this is not a painting but a photograph. People all around the world admire the works of A. William and love to decorate their homes with his paintings. The innocence of the women portrayed in his work attracts a lot of people. It shows the purity and freshness that women bring in this world.

A. William is one of the few artists that had gained enormous fame in his own lifetime. Not many people seem to appreciate an artist while he is alive. Not only in Paris, had his fame extended from Belgium to Spain and till the United States in a very short period. Today also, A. William is considered to be a pioneer of academic photorealistic painting. He work is still exhibited in several art galleries and museums around the world. They are sold for millions of dollars and bought by people who appreciated this true talent.