Famous Artists' Paintings

Oil painting began during the fifth and ninth centuries and become very popular on the 15th century. One of the most famous oil paintings is "Mona Lisa", painted by Leonardo da Vinci also known as "La Gioconda or La Joconde". It is a sixteenth-century portrait painted in oil on a poplar panel. Da Vinci created this amazing "Mona Lisa" painting while he was renaissance in Florence, Italy. The current owner of the oil painting is the Government of France and is on display at the Musee du Lourve museum in Paris. The Mona Lisa painting is a half length portrait that shows an image of a seated woman who is always described with an enigmatic facial expression.

Another famous one is "The Starry Night" created by the Dutch post impressionist Vincent Van Gogh. The painting shows the outside view of his sanatorium room window at night. The painting has been a permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and is hailed as Van Gogh’s magnum opus or his greatest work. The painting became an inspiration for Henri Dutilleux orchestral work, Anne Sexton’s poem "The Starry Night", and Don McLean’s song "Vincent". Personalities such as Jack Mannequin, Something Corporate and singer Andrew McMahon have The Starry Night for tattoo.

"Water Lilies" or Nympheas is another popular oil painting by a famous impressionist artist Claude Monet. The painting is about Monet’s flower garden at Giverny and is the focus of his artistic production during the last 30 years of his life. May of these paintings is done even when he is suffering from cataracts.

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