Klimt The Kiss Oil Painting Reproduction for Sale

Klimt The Kiss Oil Painting Reproduction for Sale

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The Kiss or Der Kuss is one of the most famous love paintings was created by Gustav Klimt, and is believed to be his most famous artwork of his 'Golden Period' in 1907. The painting depicts a couple, in various shades of gold and symbols, sharing a kiss against a bronze background.

Featuring on the Kiss painting are two people, obviously a man and a woman who are in a romantic mood. The man is shown leaning over the woman and is in a crown of vines while the woman wears flowers over hair. The man is kissing onto the woman’s cheek, as the woman is either enjoying it as she looks away or hating it and wants to go away depending on how you will interpret it. These two theories have been a cause of disagreement in interpreting the true meaning of why the woman is looking away, and why she has her eyes closed. The rest of their bodies are not revealing, creating a notion of creativity in the viewers minds. Their bodies are covered neck down by a sheet of gold.

Various interpretation of the Kiss by Klimt exists, some claim that the woman and the man are actually Gustav Klimt and his wife, but this has never been confirmed. Many analysts agree that the two individual are in love. These claims are based on the reactions of the woman after the kiss-by closing her eyes and raising one of her legs - this is believed to be true. This theme has also been linked with a type of reconciliation of two lovers, who will hug tightly after they make up. Another explanation exists that says that, the man seems to be forcing his way into the woman’s world, and the woman is resisting but because the man is strong, she cannot escape.

The reproduction of The Kiss painting has been widely used in decoration of homes and even offices. This is because of the colors that are used in making it. In remembrance and honor of the great work done by Klimt, in 2003 a 100-euro gold coin was made and named The Painting Coin. It has the Klimt in his station on one side, and on the other side the Kiss. The Kiss masterpiece is currently located in the Osterreichische Galerie Belvedere Museum, Vienna, Austria. Its original replica oil reproduction has had a reputation of being used as gifts for loved ones and used in home and place decorations.

For the art lover, The Kiss painting is represented as an icon of love and eroticism.

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